About Us

Mom, dad, kid, a dog and a cat

Unleash the Power of Hip-Hop for Your Pet Brand!

In the ridiculously overcrowded world of online pet businesses, standing out is nearly impossible. Somewhere behind the cat memes and social media noise is your perfect customer, but they might never know if you can't get their attention for a couple of seconds!

That's where PetSongs can revolutionize your social media content.

Replace stiff, awkward narrations with fun, hilarious, and memorable hip-hop songs that not only grab your perfect customer's attention but stay with them for days, turning your call to action into an irresistible earworm! Our dope hip-hop songs can be used to profoundly enhance any kind of online content: ads, instructional material, memes, brand awareness campaigns, videos, social media posts, and practically anything else you can dream up.

People listen to PetSongs.

That's the kind of impact your brand deserves.

We take your message, whatever it may be, and package it inside a catchy hip-hop song expertly crafted by a family of full-time artists and musicians—not suits. PetSongs are fully customizable, available at any length (starting at 30 seconds), and can evoke humor, nostalgia, sadness, or absurdity based on your campaign goals and brand identity.

Why choose us?

With decades of experience in music production, musical theater, marketing, and publishing, our family brings unmatched expertise to the table. We love animals, and everyone's allowed in the studio! Our seven-year-old (Lil' Loud Loud) frequently makes guest appearances on tracks, and sometimes we even hand the mic to George, our orange tabby, and Sarah, our labradane.

There is nobody else on the planet more qualified to make hip-hop tracks for your pet brand.

Explore our small but impressive PORTFOLIO, and don't miss the chance to make your pet brand go viral. CONTACT US today and let us create some incredible hip-hop tracks for your brand!

PetSongs is...

Rich KV

Rich KV

Producer, lyricist, rapper, singer, audio engineer

Yu Yu

Yu Yu

Manager, decision-maker, performer, child wrangler

Lil' Loud Loud

Lil' Loud Loud

Multi-instrumentalist, rapper, singer



Official PetSongs canine, barker, yowler, howler, growler



Official PetSongs cat, meower, growler, hisser

The PetSongs Process

1. Consultation

We have a discussion with you about your campaign and what goals you're trying to achieve. We work together to decide the overall tone and pace of the music, as well as the nature and delivery of the rap lyrics and/or chorus. This is where we make sure we're on the same page while figuring out how the finished song should sound.

2. Writing

Resident lyricist and rapper extraordinaire Rich KV sits down with a pen and notebook (he's old) to masterfully craft the lyrics around your specifications. This part is extremely vital to the success of the song, and quite a bit of emphasis is put on getting the wordplay perfect before moving forward.

3. Recording

We hit the PetSongs home-based recording studio to start putting the song together, using fire instrumentals, insanely amazing rapping, intentionally catchy hooks and sound effects. Lil' Loud Loud might spit a few bars, the cat and dog make some meows and barks, and then the track gets mastered to perfection.

4. Delivery

The final product can be delivered as an audio or video file in any format or any mixture of formats; in any length or mixture of lengths. We are very flexible with our deliverables options; if you need it, we can probably deliver it.